We've become "TRUSTED"!

We all know that high trust working involves different people coming together and working as one.  That's what we've done in setting up TRUSTED.  Roy Newey Ltd has come together with asaLeader and the result is "TRUSTED" - and this new site of ours at trustedleaders.international.

We are building on asaLeader's track record of running high trust conversations with leaders, and now want to develop them further and roll them out globally.

We hope that you will stick with us on this journey - and join us for some of these conversations.

Roy Newey, who has been the Chair of asaLeader, is the Executive Chair of TRUSTED.  Roy first worked with Pete Ashby at St. George's House some 25 years ago and they have worked together in all sorts of combinations ever since. 

Since then Roy has acted as a business development and growth consultant in 85 different countries, opening 25 businesses in 15 of them, mainly concerned with skilling up unemployed young people and supporting major employment creation programmes.  There aren't many people around who can match his understanding of different business cultures worldwide.  

Roy is currently Chairman of eight international businesses and serves as a Non-Executive Director on a further eight.  

Pete Ashby is the Director responsible for leading our TRUSTED Conversations.  A self-confessed facilitation junkie, he at his happiest when he is with a Board or Executive team supporting them in sorting out some sort of issue where they have got stuck and freeing themselves up to become the sort of leadership team they want to be. 

Pete is also Leadership Programme Director of St. George's House and it is at St. George's where he has developed his passion for high trust conversations, with us all assuming the best of each other and always ready to challenge our own assumptions in search of a "third alternative".

Since running a series of international events at St. George's after 9/11 on issues to do with global trust (or the lack of it), Pete has become a strong advocate of top teams developing high trust leadership models that are uncompromising about standard-setting and don't give in to what he calls wishy-washy notions of "group think". 

Sam Newey is our Managing Director.  At her heart, Sam is an ideas person (her friends call her an ideas blackbelt) and she is also a compulsive "doer".

We're delighted to say that Sam will now be getting a grip on establishing our new organisation as we roll out our new series of high trust conversations with global leaders.

In all of our work with global leaders we hope to bring a "light touch", and also some humour.  In that spirit, this cartoon of Roy, Sam and Pete was drawn by one of  Sam's friends and we hope to deploy his skills some more as we develop a range of new products for TRUSTED leaders.

We will also be inviting a range of leading thinkers in different countries to act as our country Directors and we are delighted that Willy Stewart has agreed to become our first country Director as Director (USA).  Willy is a CEO, entrepreneur, thought leader, professional engineer, management consultant, executive coach, author and speaker. He is founder and CEO of Stewart, an award winning, 180-person multidisciplinary international design and engineering firm with 5 offices in the Southeast US.
Willy is also founder of  i2. Integrated Intelligence, a management consulting firm that advises CEOs and senior leaders on how to create healthy organisations by developing a trusting culture and optimizing growth through highly effective business strategies. He has conducted over 100 workshops on employee engagement, strategic planning and building high performing teams.

Willy is author of Fire Yourself, which embraces a new generation of business leaders rising up to demonstrate their strength and leadership through service and trust.