Arriving at Windsor Castle


Travelling to St George’s House

St George’s House, Windsor Castle is within easy reach of London Heathrow airport and is served by two rail stations. Parking within the Castle is strictly controlled and can be arranged for a small number of participants by agreement with the Castle police well in advance.


Travelling by Taxi from Heathrow Airport

We recommend 5 Star Taxis. They are familiar to the police and have access to the Castle Grounds for drop offs. Their telephone number is 00 44 (0)1753 858888.

The approximate cost from Heathrow to the Castle is £21 if you phone when you're ready to be picked up (usually a 10 to 15 minute wait) and £26 if you want the driver to be waiting for you when you come through customs.  5 Star agree all of the details with you when you call.

A journey by Black Cab would be considerably more expensive.


Travelling by Train

From London Paddington, Oxford or the West of England (via Slough)
On arrival at Slough Station, you need to change for the train service to Windsor Central Station. This runs half hourly and takes approximately six minutes. To make your way to Windsor Castle walk straight out of the Station and walk up through the paved shopping area. At the top you will see the Castle. Cross the road and walk up the hill to the Henry VIII Gate on your left.

From London Waterloo (via Clapham Junction)
As you leave Windsor and Eton Riverside Station at the main exit you will see the Castle. Keeping the Castle on your left, walk along the main Datchet Road, turning left at Thames Street to walk up the hill and at the Victoria Statue turn left. You will see the Castle entrance and Henry VIII Gate on your left.


Arriving at Windsor Castle on foot

You enter the Castle through the Henry VIII Gate, where you will be required to show photo id, in the form of a passport or driving licence. Then carry on across the Parade Ground through two archways, turn right and walk up Denton’s Commons. St George’s House will be directly in front of you.

The main door to St George’s House is on the right side of the House, facing the Chapel.


For those driving to Windsor and parking inside the Castle

At Junction 6 from the M4 follow the A332 to the roundabout. Take the first exit, signposted Town Centre. Continue to the end of Victoria Street and turn left at the T- junction traffic lights. Follow this road round until you reach the statue of Queen Victoria where you turn right into Castle Hill.

Arriving at St George’s House

When you arrive at St. George’s House, there should be a member of staff at the reception desk just inside the doorway. If for any reason there isn’t anyone at reception, you will see a phone on the desk and please dial for assistance and a member of staff will come down to welcome you and register you, before showing you to your room.

The culture of the House is that visitors are treated as guests and friends. In this spirit, there is a tradition of not generally handing out bedroom keys unless people make a point of requesting one, on the basis that most of us don’t offer keys to guests staying in our home. (All bedrooms can be locked from the inside, of course.)

Your security pass will be waiting for you in your room. We ask that you wear it at all times within the Castle.

The Castle precincts outside Denton’s Commons are open to the public from 1000 to 1700. Please be prepared to identify yourself if requested to do so by the Police or sentries.

Outside these times please stay within Denton’s Commons and the Horseshoe Cloister unless you are intending to leave the Castle.

Badges with first names only

In your room, you will also find a badge with your first name on it. We ask that you make a point of wearing your badge in a prominent position throughout this Windsor Experience.  We are keen that we can all get up to speed as quickly as possible with working out who everyone else is, and during discussions we always encourage you to use others’ first names when referring to something that they have said.

Telephone, Mail and Wi-fi

Wi-Fi connections are available free of charge throughout the House. Please select the wireless network from the list (St George's House) and enter the Network Key (WEP) as stgnetwork (For Mac OS X users, you may need to use a dollar $ sign as the first character before stgnetwork).

Each bedroom has a direct-dial telephone; dial 8 to obtain an external line. The phone number of your room is 01753 8488 followed by your 2-digit room number. Any external telephone calls should be paid for prior to departure, please.

Post-boxes are located under the Horseshoe Cloister archway, by the Middle Ward shop and outside the Castle opposite Queen Victoria’s statue.

The Vicars' Hall

The Vicars’ Hall is our main meeting room.

Built in the year of the battle of Agincourt in 1415, the Vicars' Hall was the venue for Shakespeare's first performance of the Merry Wives of Windsor in front of Queen Elizabeth 1st at the Garter Feast on April 23 1597.

When you are there you will see why those of us who return to St. George's House for events say that it ruins us for the "conference circuit"!  It is exceptional space to work in and whenever we leave Windsor feeling that we have made some major breakthroughs, this has much to do with the experience of working inside this remarkable Hall.


Dress Code: Smart Casual

The dress code for Windsor Experiences is “smart casual” (non-Elizabethan!), with an emphasis on casual.

This means that men are not expected to wear a tie at any time during the event unless you positively want to do so.

St George's Chapel

Guests are always welcome to attend services in the Chapel. The times of services are displayed in Reception.

Main Castle Gates

The main Castle gates are closed around 23:30. If, exceptionally, you wish to enter or leave after that hour you may do so through the Advance Gate (next to the Visitor Centre) and the Moat Road. The Henry VIII Gate reopens at 0700. The front door to St George’s House will not be locked during your stay.

Note by St George’s House

The House was founded in 1966 by H.R.H The Duke of Edinburgh and the then Dean of Windsor, Robin Woods, as a place where people of influence and responsibility in every area of society can come together to explore and share their views and analysis of contemporary issues.

The House forms part of the fourteenth century foundations of the College of St George. The heart of the College is St George’s Chapel, where three times a day prayer is offered for the nation. That tradition of prayer, established in 1348 by King Edward III, has extended for more than six hundred years.  The offering of prayer in the Chapel finds a practical expression in Consultations, where we offer space for nurturing wisdom.

The values of the House are openness, honesty, trust and respect. People from all areas of society, holding diverse views, opinions and beliefs come here to debate freely. The art of Consultation seeks to nurture wisdom and open up the possibility of a different and better world.

The wisdom we seek to nurture affirms and encourages, questions and surprises. It searches out new possibilities and is forward-looking and free from contemporary idols.

It is wisdom based on knowledge, understanding, good judgement and far-sighted decision-making.