When is it best to EXIT your business

rather than keeping on voting REMAIN?

A Windsor Experience for Leaders at St. George's House, Windsor Castle

from 2.30pm on Monday July 18th 2016 until 2.30pm on Tuesday July 19th


For a copy of the agenda, please click below:

July 18-19 Windsor Experience. AGENDA July 18-19 Windsor Experience. AGENDA (108 KB)

For information about arriving at Windsor Castle, please follow this link.

Our team

We're pleased to set out below the group that will be working together on July 18/19: 

Alan Jackson

Managing Director of Products for Pools Ltd, founded by Alan in 2009. (Supplies for pools, hot tubs, saunas, etc. - shame he can't bring a sauna with him!)



David MacGill

Co-owner of Fisherfield Childcare, a leading early years childcare provider, now with a chain of seven nurseries, one after school club and one holiday club that David and his wife Nicky set up 20 years ago.



Evelyn Nordhoff

Procurement Officer for the past 10 years in Sydney, Australia, now on secondment with the Ministry of Defence in the UK.



Hardeep Rai

The founder and Managing Director of Kaleidoscope Investments. An organisation that supports, empowers and invests in disabled people to help them become successful entrepreneurs.



Julian Ross

Managing Director at Iknow-UK & Wireless Social, serving the hospitality, entertainment, health & leisure and retail sectors. A video explaining Wireless Social is on www.wireless-social.com.



Melissa Goddard

Owner of a Multi-award Winning Private Dental Practice & Fastbraces® Academ, teaching UK dentists and their teams and helping them grow their practices.



Peter Dent

A Business Improvement Specialist currently also supporting GSK with their Global Supply Chain Transformation Programme.




Sharon Amesu

Currently Director of Life in Colour, an organisation committed to developing personal development programmes.  Previously spent over 15 years in practice as a criminal barrister.



Simon Witts

Founder and Chief Executive of the Aviation Skills Partnership. Previously a Director on the Boards of five regional airlines, including for British Airways.



Tony Sewell

Managing Director of PTS Ltd for the past 14.5 years.  PTS is a technical support company specialising in pavement engineering.  As a business, it's not a walk-over ...



Alan Goddard

Driving down with Melissa and joining us for meals.  Alan doesn't realise it yet, but we'll still learn lots from him!



Roy Newey

Chairman/ Non-Exec Director of so many Boards that we would need a new website to find space to list them.  Clearly not good at EXITing himself, but great at helping others do so when it's right for them ... as you will hear!



Sam Newey

Calm, driven, purposeful, light-hearted, charming, merciless, forgiving and irresistible: all the things one would expect of a go-getting Operations Director.  Even tries to avoid being photographed with curlers in her hair!



Pete Ashby

Facilitating our discussions as a Director of TRUSTED, that Roy chairs.  Also Leadership Programme Director of St. George's House and currently establishing a new Society of Leadership Fellows within the House.