Executive Team Coaching

Alongside one-to-one coaching for individual Chief Executives and Executive Directors, we also provide coaching for Executive teams.

For many years Pete has worked with all sorts of different teams, mainly through day-long sessions for the whole team, to support them in driving up the quality of the leadership that they offer their organisation. 

One of the things we have learnt is that a great deal can be achieved through a single session, but not enough.  Teams often say the experience was as positive as it could have been, but they are still left in need of ongoing support.


This is why our main emphasis now is on offering top teams whole team coaching over a period of time, usually a year.

At the beginning of this period, you and your team would set yourselves some really challenging goals, knowing that the whole of the time-frame is a period of ongoing growth and development.

Pete's coaching support would be for your whole team, and every individual member, at the same time.

Clear procedures would be in place to protect the confidentiality of disclosures in one-to-one discussions, to ensure that each member can regard Pete as a personal coach as well as coach for the team as a whole.

Six key elements

For each team the particular arrangements need to be different.  As a general rule there are six key elements:

1. Collective agreement to succeed

Before entering into into this sort of commitment with a team, Pete would expect to discuss this with each of you as individuals. It is taken for granted that we would only move forward if we're up for it and have the collective will for this to succeed.

2. A journey taken across a year

An arrangement for Pete to act as coach to your whole team would usually involve 10 days throughout each 3 month period, for the course of a year.

Time would be scheduled carefully across each quarter to ensure that Pete is alongside the team on a fairly consistent basis, with quarterly team sessions to take stock of improvements in performance and agree on key development priorities for the next quarter.

Linked to these team sessions, Pete would also work with members of the team in one-to-ones and twos and threes, creating the most effective combinations for shared (and very focused) problem-solving.

All of this would be planned and agreed with the CEO, whilst being careful to convey the message to the team that Pete is working with all of you at the same time.  

3. Developing new entrepreneurial habits

During the first two quarters in particular we would be very careful to ensure the whole team is taking responsibility for letting go of any unhelpful habits that have held you back in the past. This is essential if we are to concentrate in the final two quarters on the new entrepreneurial habits that are being developed together, without old "baggage" getting in the way.

Our video on Leading Entrepreneurial Teams covers some of the issues that he would expect to work through with you during this process. 

4. Raising team ambitions

At the team session in the second quarter, we would want to devote a large portion of our time to discussing whether you feel that you are sufficiently ambitious in the leadership that you are offering your organisation. This process should be exciting, because by then you should almost certainly experience yourselves becoming more ambitious for the leadership that you wish to offer your Board and staff.

As you experience your own collective ambitions moving up a notch, and then another, so will it become that much easier for the whole team to step into a more confident leadership role.

5. Sustaining an entrepreneurial culture

During the third and fourth quarters we would want to devote quite a bit of time to considering how you can best sustain an entrepreneurial culture over time. 

During this time, Pete would be ready to work alongside each member of the Executive team in going through a similar process with the various teams reporting to you, as you help them to let go of unhelpful habits and feel a real sense of shared ownership of your entrepreneurial culture.

His role in all of this would be as a background support to you, offering advice and encouragement on the basis that you are leading this process with your teams.

6. Continuously aiming for the No. 1 spot

By the end of the coaching period, you as a team should be truly joined-up in your quest for ever higher standards that rank your business as world-class.

At this stage, it will be interesting to review how you have changed in the ways you describe yourselves and your business. There is something quite striking about how the very best businesses tend to avoid describing themselves as "the best" or "number one" in their sector.

Those who constantly say they're the best tend to fall foul of the arrogance and hubris that the others have been so keen to avoid. 

How To Get Started

As with our one-to-one coaching for CEOs, there is no geographical limit to how far Pete is prepared to travel to deliver team coaching. Realistically, the team would need to be English-speaking. With this caveat, and some careful planning, anything is possible.

If you would like to discuss the possibilities of whole team coaching with Pete, please email him and let's schedule an initial discussion.

Working With Pete is a Life-Changing Experience

“Working with Pete is a life-changing experience and as such should only be undertaken if you are committed to achieving real change for yourself and your organisation.  The results are incredible and actually delivered really quickly.

To get the best from working with Pete you need to accept that as a leader your behaviour is key to that of your team and the performance of the organisation. Be prepared to go through a challenging but completely supportive process of change. This involves straight talking feedback with no place to hide, which I know some of my colleagues found challenging, but the results are fantastic.

By addressing both leadership and team behaviours for the benefit of the organisation you can make some key breakthroughs that no other process can, I believe, deliver.

Pete is also meticulous in the way he follows everything up and captures not just the content but the spirit of the conversation in a really amusing way which means it’s read and understood and the commitments last.

Pete is great to work with and he instantly gains and deserves your respect because his challenges are both astute and honest. Working with him is different, dynamic and thoroughly recommended. You won’t look back.”

Emma Clancy
Chief Executive, Certsure LLP, November 2013

If you would like to have an initial discussion about one-to-one coaching, please email me on pete.ashby@asaleader.com and let’s fix a time to talk.
If you would like to have an initial discussion about one-to-one coaching, please email me on pete.ashby@asaleader.com and let’s fix a time to talk.