Our FeedFORWARD script is available on this page, together with two coaching videos to support you in using it to achieve your ambitions as a leader. 

FeedFORWARD is our own forward Feedback kit for top Executives.  It contains seven carefully focused questions that came out of earlier research and action pilots with top leaders. 

The answers provided by yourself and the person selected by you to offer feedback create the framework for your one-to-one FeedFORWARD conversations.

Within less than half a hour, each FeedFORWARD conversation should offer you sharp insights into your impact on those around you, and enable you to decide whether you need to adjust your leadership style and behaviours to achieve the sort of leadership role that you want in the future. 

You're in the driving seat

With FeedFORWARD, you’re in the driving seat from beginning to end:

  • The process is controlled by you as the person receiving the feedback
  • You decide who to invite to give you feedback through separate one-to-one conversations
  • The feedback that you receive is based on the answers that you give on page 1 of the FeedFORWARD form
  • And you then decide how to use the feedback.


In devising the format for FeedFORWARD, we have assumed that as Chief Executive you have approached one of your Executive Directors, or someone else who works closely with you, and invited them to take part in a confidential one-to-one feedback discussion to support you in your development as a leader.

  • You have said that you will send them a brief form to fill in, as a basis for the discussion between the two of you
  • You have explained that this consists of one page that you will have filled in and another that you’re asking them to complete
  • You have explained that the session will take no longer than half an hour, and probably a few minutes less than that
  • You have also promised to remind them of the time and venue for the conversation when you email them the FeedFORWARD form.
Draft text for your cover email is included below.

FOR YOUR EMAIL - please cut and paste.

FeedFORWARD - Email FeedFORWARD - Email (118 KB)

Here is the two-page FeedFORWARD form for you to download.

FeedFORWARD - Form FeedFORWARD - Form (44 KB)

Two Coaching Videos

Below are two coaching videos by Pete Ashby to support you at the two key stages in making FeedFORWARD work for you:


To support you before you answer the questions on page 1 and email the FeedFORWARD form to the person who agreed to complete page 2 and bring it with them for their FeedFORWARD conversation with you.

Video 2:

To help you prepare for the FeedFORWARD conversation and gain as much benefit from it as possible.

Why we are starting with Chief Executives

We are very committed to developing FeedFORWARD as a resource for Chief Executives and other top leaders.

Among the many factors influencing the culture of an organisation, the behaviours of the Chief Executive are often the single most important factor.

Yet it is usually more difficult to give honest feedback to a Chief Executive than to anyone else.

This is why we have had such encouragement from a lot of Chief Executives for this idea of creating a new framework for you to have informal conversations with senior colleagues where they feel “safe” enough to say things that they would otherwise regard as “unsafe”.

We believe that if this works for CEOs, many will recommend it to your teams, and then Directors could start to use it more for creating a new dialogue with their Managers.

So much becomes possible, so long as it starts with the person at the top and you find it beneficial to yourself as a leader.

Please Give Us Your Feedback

Since we trialled an earlier version of FeedFORWARD at the end of last year, we have had some very helpful feedback from Chief Executives that has enabled us to develop it in its current form.

Once you have used FeedFORWARD, we would really appreciate it if you could spare just a few minutes to let us know whether you felt it was useful for your development as a leader.

Also, we're keen to know what you think of the seven questions in the feedback form and whether you found Pete's two coaching videos helpful.

If you could email Pete any thoughts you might have, they will help us a lot in developing FeedFORWARD further as a developmental tool for top Executives.

Many thanks and GOOD LUCK!