Opt-In Policy

asaleader.com was established on April 20, 2012 as an organisation committed to supporting leaders who are exceptional and who seek to e exceptional.  We are keen to build up regular communication with a growing global network of Chief Executives and Directors on the basis of you opting in to receive our regular newsletter that we will send out twice a week to coincide with us publishing a new blog post by Pete Ashby.

Signature boxes for individuals to join our subscriber list are set out clearly in the right hand column of our website pages and we hope that over time the majority of senior Executives in receipt of communication from asaleader.com will be individuals who have opted in to receive the newsletter.

We will make clear in these emails that our main interest is in encouraging individuals to take advantage of the ideas, challenges and practical “snippets” that are available free of charge as part of our blog.  We have one product that we are selling on the website and as the layout of the home page makes clear this sales side of the website is secondary in importance for us.

From September 2012 we are envisaging selling a system for face-to-face feedback for senior Executives via the website, and apart from this second product we do not envisage selling any further products on the site within the next 12 months.

Opt-Out Policy

Because we are keen to build up our international subscriber base we will occasionally purchase lists of email addresses for CEOs and their Directors from bona fide websites.  We will use these lists to send brief emails to senior Executives encouraging them to visit the website and dip into the blog, on the basis that the ideas in the blog have been developed and crafted in a way that we hope will be useful to a wide range of individuals in all sorts of leadership positions.

ALL emails sent to CEOs and Directors on the basis of purchased lists will include the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email (automatically inserted through G-Lock EasyMail).

We undertake without equivocation that if an individual clicks on the unsubscribe list their email address will automatically be excluded from any further email communications from us.

Privacy Policy

We undertake to respect the privacy of all subscribers.  Under no circumstances will our subscribers list be made available, on any terms, to any other organisation.

We are also pleased to offer a solemn and binding undertaking that our purchased lists of the email addresses of various leadership groups will never under any circumstances be shared with any other organisation.


In the event of there being any apparent or known breaches of these policies, please contact our Managing Director, Pete Ashby at pete.ashby@asaleader.com or telephone him on 00 44 (0)1364 631310.  If it proves to be the case that there has been a breach Pete will offer you an unconditional apology, and assure you that you will not receive any further emails from asaleader.com unless you opt in via the website as a subscriber to our newsletter.