Is there a key move you know you need to make?

Is there some aspect of your leadership as CEO that is worrying you - and you would like to talk through with someone right outside your situation?

It might be something that has got stuck between you and a member of your Executive team, or your Board, where you know you need to make changes but can't quite sort out in your mind how to go about them.

Or it might be some aspect of how you manage your Board where you want to talk through options with someone who has seen all sorts of Boards at work.

If there is something that you know isn't right and needs to change, you don't have to bring in your own coach.  There is another way: telephone troubleshooting with our Director, Pete Ashby.

You'll be able to gain confidential advice to help you make the very best of the situation that you're in.  

Here's how our TeleTroubleshooting works:

The package:

Two telephone conversations & a personal note

Our TeleTroubleshooting involves you having two telephone conversations with Pete Ashby, Director of, on the phone or Skype or FaceTime, whichever you prefer.

The first one lasts for an hour and the second is slightly longer, running to an hour and a quarter.

After the second conversation Pete will write up a personal note for you reflecting on what he sees as your key leadership challenges, together with specific suggestions for moving forward.

First Call: 

Choosing your No 1 Option

During the first part of this call, Pete will be on a mission to understand what you see as the problem, how long has it gone on for and what has brought things to a head now. 

After some minutes of listening to you tell this story, Pete will take you through a process of sharpening up what you see as the two, three or four main options for dealing with the problem as you have described it.

During the final minutes of this call he will ask you to choose one of them as your No 1 option.  

Even if you change your mind later on, Pete's experience is that the very process of you getting yourself off the fence will help you in leaving behind that sense of being stuck.

It will also help you to focus your thinking in advance of your second call, when Pete will press you on whether Option 1 really is the best one for you. 

Second Call: 

Moving on to the "how to"

We like to schedule the second call three to five working days after the first one, to give enough time to reflect on what has come out of it without losing momentum. 

We start off the call with Pete asking whether you think you might have "jumped" the wrong way.

It's really important to give yourself the chance to select another course of action, having sat with your previous decision for a few days. 

You might stick with option one, or revert to one that you turned down before - or maybe think up a new one.

Whichever way you jump, this decision can not be delayed for long, since we hope to spend the bulk of this call talking through how best to follow through your resolve.  

So often, there is no single right decision. The best decision is the one where you have given time to thinking through how to make it happen to achieve what you want.  

This is why Pete will make a point of keeping focused with you on the detail of what you think you should do next

Follow-up Note 

Within 48 hours of this call, Pete will email you a personal Note with his reflections on where you got to in your thinking by the end of the second call.

This will cover the key dangers that need to be anticipated and managed with care, as well as Pete's feedback on what he has learned about your personal style and key challenges as a leader.

The whole package, for £550

We are pleased to offer you this package for an all-inclusive fee of £550 (plus VAT if you're in the UK).

  1. It's simple to book. Please email Helen Jones ( with your website address, contact phone numbers, Skype/ FaceTime address if preferred and two dates that would be convenient for your first conversation with Pete. 
  2. Helen will then issue an invoice, with a paypal option for immediate payment, as well as provisionally confirming one of your proposed dates or else suggesting another if Pete isn't available then.  
  3. Once the invoice has been settled, we will confirm your first session with Pete and agree a date for the second one.  
If you want to discuss any aspect of this offer before deciding whether to take it up, please email Pete and he will get back to you as soon as he can.  Many thanks.

Pete Ashby

If you're not familiar with Pete's work you might be thinking "Sounds okay, but before deciding whether to sign up I need to know more about what sort of leadership coach this guy is". 
  • If you click on our Leadership Development videos and look at any one of Pete's 9 videos on that page, you should be able to decide fairly quickly whether his style is likely to work for you
  • Or if you go to the page with details of our next Windsor Experience for leaders on September 4-6, you'll see the feedback from the group that spent two days with him at our first Windsor Experience last October
  • And if you want to know something about where he "comes from", a quick skim of Pete's story should make it easier for you to decide whether you can trust him enough to share with him a tricky problem that you've hung on to for rather too long and now need to let go of.