Feedback from Participants

Feedback from a two-nighter in June 2016

When people consider coming in on one of our events, and haven't been to St. George's house before before, they often ask us to let them have some feedback from a previous session.  Quite rightly so!  Below is feedback that we received after a "Windsor Experience for Leaders" that Pete and Roy facilitated on "Leading for Growth" on June 5-7 2016: 

Feedback from Andrew Powell

(Chief Executive of the Training Room) "A massive thank you for the world class facilitation and to everyone in the group for an amazing couple of days."



Feedback from Angus Thomson

(Chief Executive of Saltrock Surfwear) "I personally have taken an enormous amount from our sessions (many wise words of wisdom!) that I know will have a positive impact on the way I lead my business."


Feedback from Brian Chernett

(Founder & CEO of Ella Forums; serial entrepreneur) (in an email around the group) “7 days gone but I am still engrossed in all the learning and wanted to thank each and every one of you.  This is what I do and have been doing for 25 years so to blow me away is amazing."


Feedback from Craig Millar

(TEDx Speaker Coach) "What an opportunity you gave us. And we sure took it!  Every time someone raised the level of honesty in the room, trust soared and allowed wonderful things to happen."


Feedback from David Sheridan

(Chairman of Europa Components & Veruth Holdings)  "I went in with apprehension but, after 2 days, I went out really invigorated for the real task I should be pursuing. You have a style that suited everyone in the room and really got the best out of us."


Feedback from George Stanziale

(President of Stewart Engineering, N Carolina, USA) "I firmly believe we all walked away with more focus, more understanding of our personal and professional strengths and weaknesses and the objectives we must achieve to be better leaders."


Feedback from Sir Hugh Sykes

(International Industrialist & Investor; former Chairman of Sheffield One)  "Congratulations on the way that you encouraged frank speaking which was of immense benefit to the participants.  The arrangements were first class and it was a big learning experience.  Many friends have been made." 

Feedback from Julian Ross

(Managing Director at IKnow-UK and Wireless Social)  "I'm taking so much away with me having met some amazing people and discovered a new sense of self worth."


Feedback from Mike Gaston

(CEO & Principal of South Downs College & Interim Principal, Havant College)  "I thought that the dynamics and energy of this group were particularly strong allowing us to work with a high level of two way trust that allowed for some real personal breakthroughs."

Feedback from Nina Robinson

(Finance Director with her own consultancy business)  "I am privileged to have been part of a diverse, dynamic group of very successful individuals, each one with unique talent yet humble and immensely supportive. Unimaginable until I experienced it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, inspired and confident I go forward!

Feedback from Rob Brew

(Chief Financial Officer of the Training Room) "I got far more from the event than I expected to and am sure this is a direct result of the manner in which the sessions were facilitated.  I gained a level of insight into myself that I wasn't expecting and found the rest of the group very engaging and insightful."

Feedback from Subash Dave

(Founder and President of AGORA, a soft goods manufacturer in Florida)  "Windsor was an amazing experience with phenomenal results for me. I have made vows to change my behaviors in the past with no success of continuity. Once I discovered that other participants had similar issues to mine, it was easier to decide to change my behaviors this time, with a strong resolve."

Feedback from Willy Stewart

(Chairman and CEO of Stewart)  "What an amazing and inspirational Windsor experience. I walked away with a sense of purpose and direction. It was a tremendous learning opportunity that clearly showed me that we can lead with empathy and discipline."


Feedback from Sharon Osterfield

(entrepreneur & former senior Manager in the NHS) (email round the group two weeks after Windsor) "Having watched these lovely positive emails come round I thought I would update you on my outcomes following our time together .... I am truly delighted as I would not have pursued my dreams as vigorously had it not been for our session in Windsor.  I look forward to rejoicing in others' progress whenever you choose to update."

Previous Feedback videos

This was the second time we had been joined by Mark with his camera.  He had also come in and spoken to participants involved in our first Windsor Experience on "Releasing Ambition". 

You will notice two familiar faces: 

"This is part of why we have an annual growth rate of 136%" 

Sharelle Klaus, Founder and Chief Executive of DRY SODA in Seattle, has now joined three Windsor Experiences:

"I joined the first Windsor Experience in the fall of 2013 and had a transformative experience.

The insights, the friendships and the incredible leadership of Pete brought me back a few short months later, and then again last March. 

The best part of Windsor is that you leave with a load of learnings to act on and as you take them forward in your own organization your are surrounded by a new ‘advisory group' of incredible Windsor friends who continue to support and provide guidance.

DRY is exploding with good ideas that I have brought back from Windsor and they're a big part of why we now have an annual growth rate of 136% - compared with our nearest competitor on 30%. 

I plan to make annual visits to Windsor from now on."